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Gun Ban Policy on University of Utah Campus

             The Banning of concealed weapons on University of Utah campus not only prevents gun owners from practicing their rights in the 2nd amendment of the constitution, also prevents law abiding citizens from protecting others or themselves when they"re harmed by criminals of malcontent. However, the effect that gun violence had upon our nation has a negative one, the shootings and violence that start as early as elementary school has smudged an ugly streak on the gun history in the United States.
             The main argument presented and represented by both the University of Utah administration and Associated Students of University of Utah(ASUU) is, private owned concealed weapons have no place on public campus grounds. It is in the best interest of students as pointed out by the ASUU, that the 1st amendment is taken into consideration before the 2nd. The freedom of speech, expression, and publication of one's ideas shall not be restricted or limited due to fear, coercion, and pressure which comes from the knowledge that someone in the vicinity has a concealed weapon. This external pressure of someone having more physical power than you can limit your ability to freely express your own thoughts, thus decreasing the value and essence of University education and the environment of a forum. Also the possibility of gun violence generally increases with the number of guns on campus, whether in responsible hands or not.
             A Poll was carried out recently in April 2003 on the University of Utah campus. 50.9% believed concealed weapons should be allowed on college campuses because the right to bear arms is guaranteed by the Second Amendment. 32.7% believed that concealed weapons should not be allowed on college campuses because the dangers outweigh the benefits and they would not deter criminal behavior. 12.6% believed that concealed weapons should be allowed on college campuses because they would act as a deterrent to criminal behavior.

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