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Concealed Weapons on College Campuses

            There is no sensation quite like that of shooting a firearm. The rush in your blood, the feeling of strength and power is insurmountable to that of any other. Ever since the creations of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, the second amendment has guaranteed the right to "bear arms". However times have changed in through time, great debate over firearms and where they can be carried and used has transpired. Firearms are usually legally used in a controlled environment such as a firing range or on hunting land; not on college campuses. Legalizing concealed weapons to be on college campuses would have many negative effects on a college campus and impose severe implications on students, faculty, and the community in general. The academics of these institutions will be affected and will affect the learning atmosphere surrounding professors and students, individuals carrying a concealed weapon pose and threat others individuals and security directly, and by legalizing concealed weapons on school campuses, perpetrators and criminals will respond by increasing their own fire power causing mass mayhem. There are other methods we can pursue to create a safe learning environment for students and faculty rather than permit concealed weapons. It is for these reasons that we must control concealed weapons laws and not allow them to infiltrate the sacred environment of learning. .
             The United States Bill of Rights is a very important document that outlines our individual rights as American citizens. In the Bill of Rights, American citizens are granted the right to bear arms. However, the Bill of Rights was written nearly 300 years ago, these amendments have been debated and interpreted in numerous ways because of the time that has passed since being written. When the Constitution was written, we had just gotten out of the Revolutionary War and the United States was a very weak and unorganized government.

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