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High Stakes in Education

            Statistics prove that "African Americans currently score lower than European Americans on vocabulary, reading, and mathematics test, as well as on the test that claim to measure scholastic aptitude and intelligence" (NY Times 1). Some of society seeks to abolish standardized testing. The problem is not in the tests, it lies somewhere else in the public education systems. The requirements of the government, certain colleges, and because students determine how they are assessed since it is an equal opportunity for everyone, outlines the reasons for standardized testing to stay obligated for students to take.
             By a certain grade level students should be at a certain level in whatever the course that they may be taking and the government sees this through the use of the standardized test. If students are to fall behind in these two core subjects then these standardized tests will surely catch this. The progress can be settled before they are required to be held back and repeat that year so that they may be performing at the required level to move to the next grade. The government implemented the "No child left behind" program because if a student is not prepared it can be very devastating for the future education that they may choose to indulge themselves. The no child left behind act "dramatically increases the role of the federal government in guaranteeing the quality of public education for all children in the United States" (PBS 1). Students who cannot read and write will not be able to move on to the next level and be prepared, this then becomes a governmental issue. The government will have to afford more funds into that student to get the proper care they need with "an emphasis on increased funding for poor school districts, higher achievement for poor and minority students, and new measures to hold schools accountable for their students' progress" (PBS 1).

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