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Financial and Analysis Project: Walmart and Target

            There are several retail competitors competing in the game of the retail industry. Walmart and Target are the biggest competitors in this field. Even though they are both in the retail field Target and Walmart have many similarities. The main specialization for Target is the merchandizing, Walmart has the whole sale market. Target deals with one specialization and Walmart deals with online, bulk with Sam's Club it also deals internationally. Target was designed to provide a better experience with customers face to face, whereas Walmart, the largest in the United States is still able to provide services to many cultures around the world. Even though both companies are targeting the same type at people, they both sell various discounted products and a low rate. Many of the female side of people prefers Target to Walmart. The main goal is "Everyday Low Price" is the Walmart main objective. Lowing prices is the main idea to bring in or attract more customers. Target treats their customers as a guest and sells products at a reasonable rate.
             The market position for Walmart is better when placed next to Target, this is because of their popularity throughout the country. Both Walmart and Target, each have their own individual type customers but the money coming in from Walmart is quite a bit more than Target will ever be. Walmart's stock share is much higher than Target. Even though they operate the same type of business, the risks run the same in both companies and both are highly competitive within this field of business. differentiation is a challenge, it's hard to maintain the same level of customer satisfaction, change in technology, data security, and privacy risks. With both companies there are various challenges, that both stores find it difficult to manage an equal level of satisfaction from their customers. It is also many challenges in the technology, security and mainly privacy risks.

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