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Power Balance Bracelets: Thirty Dollars Down the Drain

            Power Balance bracelets have been around for just over five years and ever since they came out they have been surrounded by controversy. The bracelets claim to increase your ability to balance along with prolonging your stamina. Both claims are completely false and are not supported by any actual science. Despite having no real affect on your athletic ability hundreds of thousands of athletes purchased and wore these bracelets in the hopes their abilities would be heightened. .
             A large reason the Power Balance company has been so successful is due to the amount of celebrity athletes that wear and endorse their product. For example, Dustin Pedroia of the Boston Red Sox has been wearing balance bracelets since 2012. Younger baseball players who admire Dustin Pedroia see that he wears the bracelets and see that he is incredibly gifted on the field and they go out and purchase a bracelet also. Dustin is a four time all star and one of the best players to step foot on a baseball infield as of recent so it would make sense that his younger fans want to be like him. However, he is not the only player that has been wearing and endorsing these bracelets as of recent. Shaquille O' Neal is another athlete that has been seen wearing the bracelet and he has a massive amount of fans. At first it was predominantly baseball players who bought into the scheme but soon it caught on to the basketball culture as well and Shaq was a large part in that. Not only would Shaq wear the bracelets in his advertisements but he would go as far as wearing the bracelets in games when he played for the Boston Celtics. Wearing them on the court took their promotion to new heights and contributed to their skyrocket in popularity. .
             Believe it or not, Power Balance bracelets won CNBC's sports product of the year despite the fact that there is zero innovation involved with the product. Even CNBC stated that they did not give the award to the bracelet due to its innovation or technology but rather due to the insane amount of sales they've done in the past couple of years.

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