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Illegal Immigration

             The carrying of human cargo illegally into the United States must stop. So, many young and old people are doing this simply for the money and the fact that they can get away with it, with just a slap on the hand. Americans if caught are rarely ever prosecuted. These people that are doing this think that they aren't suffering any consequences. But, what they don't know is that they are; illegal immigration is draining our funds, increasing competition for jobs and over populating our communities.
             First of all, according to Fair (Federation for American Immigration Reform); we need a comprehensive program to end illegal immigration. The three major components of this program -deterrence, apprehension, and removal-need to be strengthened by Congress and the Executive Branch if effective control is ever to be established. Controlling illegal immigration is going to be hard. And we need to learn how to balance all of it out. To balance all of this, we must enforce improvements that go far beyond the border. Some of these improvements will include: Procedural reform, increased investigation capacity, added resources, and a lot of improvements from the INS detention and deportation procedures and limitations of judicial review. Ending illegal immigration will ensure that people who come in and stay without the necessary papers, will be unable to obtain employment, public assistance benefits, public education, public housing or any other taxpayer funded benefit without being caught. .
             Secondly, we cannot provide quality educations, health care and adequate retirement services to our own citizens if we continue bringing in uneducated and unhealthy people from other countries illegally. Because these immigrants will work at a substantially lower wages than Americans it makes it much harder for U.S. citizens to get jobs and the wages that they deserve. Also, with our population booming overwhelmingly communities across the U.

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