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Illegal Immigration

             Throughout its history, the United States has received more immigrants from more countries than any other nation. Unfortunately, a lot of them are illegal. Demographer Andrew Sum and his colleagues at Northeastern University, who are recognized by the Immigration & Naturalization Service, did a study on illegal immigrants in 2002, and came up with the total of roughly 11 million living within our borders. America is truly a nation founded by immigrants who created laws for this country to live, eat, sleep, and die by. Illegal immigrants do not recognize these laws and, by sneaking into America to collect aid from services they do not help to support, they are showing exactly how they try to disregard them. It is my argument that Capital Hill needs to start passing some strong legislation against illegal aliens. Right now is the time to show illegal aliens that legal Americans will not tolerate their snide efforts of sneaking into America so that they may, willingly or not, abuse the use of taxpayer's money. Entering into the U.S. legally would allow our federal and state funds to be distributed properly since the government would have a rough estimate of the population. Illegal aliens that are not being accounted for, disrupts this process.
             Early last year, the Immigration & Naturalization Service estimated about 5-6 million illegals were living within the U.S. By the end of the year, the Census Bureau said the INS was way off; for their total reached as high as 8 million. This year, there is way over 11 million. Illegals would not be a problem if they did not abuse the system as they do. What is really sad is our government makes it easy for them to get by with their actions. First of all, if illegal aliens ask for a formal hearing after being caught trying to cross into America illegally, patrols may release them "on their own recognizance;" which is a promise to show up to court on their hearing date.

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