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Gun Violence and Background Checks

            Our country has suffered so many tragedies at the hands of dangerous people who use guns to commit terrible acts of violence. Though most gun owners use their guns legally and responsibly, there is more we can do to protect our children and communities. What are some ways we could prevent gun violence?.
             We could start out with gun safety. As a starting point, we should insist on mandatory training and licensing along with safe and secure gun storage. The training will not be a one-time thing. Gun owners should be required to regularly refresh their training and renew their permits. Basically how you renew your drivers license.
             What also might work is tighten restrictions on gun sales. Loopholes exist in the background check system that make it possible for people with criminal records or mental health issues to procure guns. Back ground check saves lives. But today, too many dangerous individuals are still able to get their hands on a gun. Expanding background checks is a common-sense measures supported by nine out of ten Americans, including and overwhelming majority of gun owners in with makeover families and communities safer. Federal and state lawmakers should act now to close the loopholes and pass measures to strengthen the background check system.
             So if we're going to work on making background checks better we could also work on improving the Mental Health Care System. Under federal law enacted in 1968, an individual is prohibited from buying or possessing firearms for life if he/she has been judged as a mental defective or committed to a mental institution. A person is judged as a mental defective if a court or other entity having legal authority to make adjudications has made a determination that an individual, as a result of mental illness is a danger to himself or to others, lacks the mental capacity to contract or manage his own affairs, and is found insane by a court in a criminal case or incompetent to stand trail.

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