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My Journey to Kutztown University

            I approached my journey through observing Kutztown and seeing what is different then what I was used to at Moravian College. Definitely, a lot of different things stand out at Kutztown from what I noticed throughout my first few weeks of school. For example, the size difference was one of the major traits that I realized right away for why I was the lost the very first day of class. Which was expected so then from that point on I learned from my mistake and started to adjust to Kutztown. I knew I was going to have to adjust to my new home at some point so I figured the sooner the better. The best first choice I could have probably made for the whole semester. That choice has lead me on to piece my path step by step as time goes on here at Kutztown University. Basically, I am going with the flow and pacing myself at the same time so that nothing gets rushed so less mistakes happen. I can say that my approach is going off all my observing particular features that I notice differently from Moravian College. Possibly seeing if anything is similar as well to that I can compare. But I feel like Kutztown is the way bigger picture than Moravian and would be hard to compare in specific details. The choice that I made by transferring to Kutztown definitely showed me all my other opportunities that I had to choose from which at the end of the day I know for a fact I made the correct choice for my future. .
             Going from athlete to student, as time went on I knew for a fact that Kutztown was approaching and Moravian was no longer existing for me. Even though my heart was racing to the fact that Kutztown was my new home. Which meant for me new friends, new professors, and a whole new environment in general. I thought the process was going to be much more difficult than what it actually turned out to be. I pictured myself struggling and being lost everyday with no help. But good to know that was not the case, for instance my very first day of class I was genuinely lost no question and I could not find my location.

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