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Physical journeys

             I have chosen to do my other related texted on the film road trip .
             First I thought I would explain what I think a journey is .
             A journey is a process that people undergo which can change, alter and re-new a person physically, mentally and emotionally.
             Each state is a process of ones adventures and experiences that they will come across during life. Journeys can bring to surface obstacles and challenges within a person's needs. Journeys can help people find answers or even just satisfaction to keep them on the journey of life. Every single goal, dream or event is a journey that we try to over come.
             Road trip is my ort because I can understand and see how the story relates to a journey .
             The movie was released in March 2000.it was editored by peter teschner.
             Road trip is a story being told by an ex student of ethica university to a group of new students while on a tour around the school.
             It is about four young American college students who decide to take a travelling adventure to save a relationship.
             Josh is the main character and he has been with tiffany for as long as he can remember. Josh gets filmed on camera with another girl Beth .he asked his friends to send another different tape to tiffany that he had made earlier for her. They forgot to send the tape then sent the wrong one by mistake. They go through many challenges and obstacles to get the tape back before tiffany views it .
             Road trip is a film that is undertaken by the students on a physical journey.
             They physically take a journey with many obstacles and pass them just like a journey does.
             The purpose of the piece is to represent the challenges that occur while on a journey to achieve a goal. It shows how challenges can be overcome and how the decisions we make in life create the pathway through life.
             Watching and studying the film road trip, has taken me on a journey also. By viewing the actions taken towards challenges and events has helped my understanding of life's simple journeys to a much greater extent.

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