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Impact of Social Control on the Development of Society in Ge

            Question:- Asses the impact of social control on the development of society in general. By social control place emphasis on norms and values.
             Before we start we are to know what is Social control, below is the definition from the encyclopedia:-.
             The appearance of the term 'social control' in the vocabulary of social historians, a concept developed by sociologists and anthropologists, is thus part of a long- standing and continuing process which is continually broadening and deepening the .
             field, and the texture, of historical writing. The trouble is that while the tools used by the historical demographer, such as 'gross reproduction rate', or the economic historian, such as 'net national income per capita', have precise technical meanings which give them a clear cutting edge, encouraging them to be used with care, equipment taken from the sociologist's tool-bag tends to look homely, familiar, and harmless, encouraging a .
             certain amount of unreflecting and unskilled use for inappropriate jobs. Thus 'social control' is at once a phrase which appears to have a plain, commonsense, uncomplicated meaning - that those in power and authority are always trying to control the rest of society in one way or another - and also a concept drawn from theoretical sociology. This ambiguity has spread confusion and incoherence in much recent writing on modern social history; while the fashionability of the new terminology has led some early modernists to introduce essentially superfluous and redundant verbiage into their work.
             A society is always developing either spiritually, mentally (knowledge) or physically (Infrastructure). As we have seen in horalombos, the "High culture" sets the pace for the cultured society, the development of any society depends on the movement of individuals from any other culture present to that of the high culture. It is this want of riches, fame and a better living that thrives the other culture people to try being high cultured thus developing the society indirectly.

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