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The Iliad

            There are many different ways of dealing with anger and people deal with it at different speeds. Sometimes it takes longer for one to deal with their anger because they don't come to terms with it. For example, if someone doesn't think about the problem and try to develop a clear way of resolving it, the issue won't be resolved quickly. Achilles' excessive pride got the best of him in The Iliad written by Homer because he dangered the lives of those dear to him and the entire Achaian army because of his stubborn temperment throughout the story. It wasn't until he came to terms with his anger that he was able to take responsibility for his actions. Everyone must take responsibility for their own actions and apologize for their troubles to be mended.
             Achilles" character conveys a great hero of the Achaian army with a significant flaw. Achilles holds a grudge for Agamemnon entirely too long in this story and creates many problems. If he could swallow his pride, he would have prevented a lot of misfortunes that occurred. His desire for revenge is too strong, thus making the situation more unpleasant.
             Agamemnon offers Achilles valuable gifts and the return of Achaian warrior, Briseis, if he will rejoin the war. Achilles refuses because he cannot forgive Agamemnon for the death of his closest friend, Patroklos. This shows that Achilles is no longer able to be understood. Agamemnon was in the wrong, however Achilles" rejection to accept Agamemnon's gifts that were offered to him shows that Achilles is now putting his pride above his morals and his emotions. At this point in the story it is no longer an issue of apology and acceptance, but a struggle of revenge.
             Achilles will only be satisfied with the complete destruction of Agamemnon. This stubborn Achilles begins to gain more enemies, such as Diomedes who tells the Achaian warriors that he is too conceited and it was a mistake to try to plea with him.

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