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Doe Season

             Lying in bed with my eyes closed dreaming like a little baby. My dreams floated through my head putting me into a coma like sleep as I wait fro the buzz of my alarm clock. My blanket wrapped around my fragile skin like a snake. The warmth kept me away from the cold particles of air making my body brittle. . The first light was not even upon the sky when I heard footsteps coming up the stairs was it me or was it my dreams. .
             The door fly's open like somebody just kicked the door down. A gust of air from the door opening, carried the smell of cat pea into my room from the hallway. The hallway light lights my room and there she is standing in the doorway. With an expression of a thousand words written all over her face, her eyes filled with tears and streaming down her face passed her cheeks. I was in a state of confusion not knowing what happened, or if this was just a dream. .
             Then the words came out of her mouth like cement "your father" sniffling "had a heart attack last night!" Those words floated heavily through the air and reached my ears. The words went into my head but didn't register. I asked her to repeat it again, and she did. She sniffled again and again and then the tears poured from her eyes and she ran away down the stairs. Still lying in bed trying to figure out if this was a dream or real life. I pinched myself to check. I felt the pain shoot through my arm and I was up. .
             Recollecting the events that just took place, I was still dumbfounded and went to see if my brother was up. I woke him from his unconscious sleep to tell him the breaking news. Just as I did he asked to repeat it again, and he just sat there in bed dumbfounded as I still was. .
             Looking outside I small the glow from the city but saw no sun still. Deciding to take a shower I turned on the water and crawled in. Right as the water my body, I went into shock. I couldn't believe what happened.

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