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             Sexuality, it's something expressed by every being in the known universe. Some a little different than others we have our way of sexual intercourse and foreplay. Well we aren't supposed to be talking about a Oomosapiens reproduction we are supposed to be going into the details of a Odocoileus virginianus (white-tailed deer) sexual reproduction and the ways they stimulate their partners. It's that time of the year when the hunters are in the woods and the deer have started their routines of sexual wants and needs. Making them vulnerable to death by gun shot or arrow kill. There are many myth's, truth's, and lies about an Odocoileus virginianus sexual well being and what they are willing to do to get a little bit of sexual satisfaction. .
             First, Odocoileus virginianus are like any other hormone filled creature they are willing to risk anything for a little bit of action. Be it as it may that we have all seasons to get lucky and most other creatures have only a certain amount of time to get their action. A Odocoileus virginianus can and will only have a two month time span of being able to reproduce. I mean we Homosapiens have our whole lives to reproduce as does a Odocoileus virginianus, but they only get a little time of reproduction time. Which in that case timing of meeting your mate makes a world of difference. .
             However, those statements are mere stipulation, lets get into some hard facts that may not be known to the average person. .
             Most Odocoileus virginianus (particularly males) mate in their second year, although some females occasionally mate as young as seven months. Bucks are polygamos although they may form an attachment and stay with a single doe for several days or even weeks until she reaches oestrus. Does are seasonally polyoestrous and usually come into heat in November for a short twenty-four hour period. If a doe is not mated, a second oestrus occurs approximately 28 days later.

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