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Global Report

            Having lived in Oklahoma for twenty-two years now, I have still not yet seen every plant or animal that Oklahoma has to offer. I have been so close to the whitetail deer that I"ve actually heard one buck's grunts and distinct doe bleats. I"ve been under the enormous red oak trees in which the native turkey had used to roost in on late evenings. I have even swam in some of the creeks, lakes and rivers which were homes for the large-mouth bass, channel cat, trout and many other different types of fish. Knowing the world today seems to be one big race in which people think they have to run through life without taking time to give a thought or observation to what sets all around them, like nature for example. .
             The word nature in the dictionary is shown as, "all things in the universe, the physical world and everything in it that is not made by man." The land around us is full of natures magnificent wonders. The world today is filled with many different types of plants and animals. Whether you like to watch the trees and flowers that may bloom before you in your very own yard or the chirping of birds that flutter about from limb to limb. These things are all classified as nature living things. I have been lucky enough to have viewed over twenty-five different states, and every state that I have seen has been different, but in some ways similar to one another. I have not yet been to a place that I haven"t liked mainly because of the differences in plant life and animals. Take for instance Florida. Florida is filled with tall, green, bushy grass that sways side to side as the wind blows. Their reptiles are everywhere, turtles, lizards, alligators and crocodiles all swim around freely. After having left Florida I thought to myself, "I will probably never see a more amazing place." Then just a few months later my father was called to go to a job in Arizona. I admit I really was not impressed with the thought of a trip to Arizona.

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