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Doe Season

             In this short story Andy is a little girl becoming a woman. At the beginning of the story Andy is clearly a tomboy, but gradually she realizes the significance a doe has to do with her own womanhood. Andy decides to go by Andrea and chooses to be like her mother and not like the men. .
             Andy is clearly a tomboy throughout the beginning of the story. She tries to do the tasks that the men do. Andy even insists on letting her gather the firewood. "How about rounding us up some firewood, Mac?" Charlie asked. "I"ll do it," Andy said. This type of attitude shows her being a tomboy, because she wants to do the activities the men do. Many girls that are tomboys will play with other boys and sometimes imitate how boys are. Further in the story, Andy remembers a time on the beach when her mom's top falls off, which embarrassed Andy to great extent.
             "Andy saw that her mothers swimsuit top had come off, so that her breasts swayed free, her nipples looked like two black eyes. Embarrassed, Andy looked around: except for two women under a yellow umbrella farther up, the beach was empty.".
             The magnitude of this quote shows the embarrassment Andy had towards her mother being a woman. Andy reacts more like a little boy, because she didn't want to see that part of a woman's physique. .
             Andy comes to the realization of her being a girl, and the doe's connection with her. She takes another smaller step towards comprehending womanhood when Charlie Spoon converses with her. Before the doe was spotted by Andy, Charlie heckled her, whether she was a boy or girl.
             "So what are you going to be Andrea? A boy or girl?".
             "I"m a girl," she said .
             At this point, Andrea admits to being a girl, and walks away in anger. A small change is happening in Andrea subconsciously. Andrea is realizing that she does not quite fit in with the men, because by nature she is a girl. When Andrea stumbles upon a doe grazing in an open area; she went back to camp and summoned the men.

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