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Band of Brothers

            Band of Brothers is a recollection of stories showing how an elite group of paratroopers,.
             the E Company, played a decisive role in almost all of the major battles that took place in.
             the later part of World War II. This book also captures how this group of men, originally.
             composed of one hundred and forty seven men, managed to capture Hitler's Eagle Nest.
             while suffering an astounding one hundred and fifty percent causality rate.
             The author of this book, Stephen Ambrose, attempts to show what life was like.
             for the soldiers after the war was over. Instead of ending the book with the war,.
             Ambrose writes of how the men in the E Company made the transition from army.
             soldiers trained to kill to ordinary citizens trying to reestablish their lives and begin.
             families back in the states.
             One point Ambrose reinforces to the reader is that many of the soldiers of Easy.
             Company were not career soldiers but ordinary citizens torn from their everyday lives by.
             the war. Ambrose uses chapter one to write of the lives of the soldiers before the war,.
             including the struggle that many of them endured throughout the Depression. Although,.
             many of these men resented having to participate in an overseas war, and had little to no.
             combat experience, they were all willing to become paratroopers in order to make their.
             army experience a positive one. Their goal was to not only win the war, but to become.
             the best soldiers they could be, if only temporarily.
             Another strong point Ambrose makes is how enduring basic training was for the.
             men in Easy Company. Ambrose is very persuasive when he includes a brief description.
             of how the men celebrated Thanksgiving Day while in basic training. Describing two.
             day long field exercises, and how the men crawled on the ground through pig guts.
             ,dodging barbed wire and machine gun fire would give any reader the impression that.
             basic training for the Easy Company was no walk in the park.

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