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American Brass Bands

             List of Illustrations, Preface, Notes, Index.
             In American towns across the nation during the nineteenth century were.
             introduced to the pleasures of band music. Whether marching in a parade for.
             the Fourth of July, welcoming dignitaries and officials into town, or just for some.
             nice relaxing listening pleasure, most of these bands were primarily or.
             exclusively brass instruments. These were unquestionably the most visible.
             organizations of the day. They could be found regaling graduates and guests at.
             commencement ceremonies, or entertaining many people on steamboat.
             excursions. Brass bands enlivened military units on the parade ground and.
             accompanied civilian couples on the dance floor. When politicians launched.
             their campaigns they hired bands to punctuate their promises. And when the.
             circus came to town, it was the band that made the first announcement with.
             ringing brass and at showtime was on hand to accompany the daring acts with.
             dramatic and spirited music. .
             During this time brass bands were mostly civilian and every town had one. .
             It would have been difficult to avoid band music in the nineteenth century in.
             America. "There is nothing that rouses the universal enthusiasm of everybody.
             as does a spirited band," claimed the Wurlitzer Instrument Company in what was.
             a true observation as well as a business ploy. Americans across the country.
             contributed to the support of bands and congregated enthusiastically and often.
             by the thousands to hear the bands play. By the 1880s and 1890s the band.
             movement expanded to such a degree that most towns of any size had some.
             sort of civic band. Whether it be with a local militia unit or organized on a.
             independent basis. There where in addition, numerous professional concert.
             bands such as those conducted by Patrick Sarsfield Gilmore and John Phillip.
             Sousa, Americas most famous band leader. These ensembles would travel.
             across the United States touring, and performing concerts for thousands.

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