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Turn of the Century Music

             During the turn of the last century, many types of music flourished. This is when people first starting having phonographs and gramophones to use in their homes. Now they could listen to the music that they wanted, when they wanted to. Sound engineers first used something called the "acoustical process" for sound recording. During this process, a singer, or whoever was being recorded would stand about 4 inches from the horn, and they would step back when they hit high notes. In 1925, they started using electric equipment to record music.
             In about 1900 - 1910, jazz started to flourish throughout America. There is not one way to give jazz a single definition. It represents a multitude of musical ideas and originating influences. It has been said that jazz is based on an African American rhythmic background entwined with European harmonic influences. However, it would be more accurate to say that African American slaves used European rhythmic and harmonic forms to express their own musical traditions. New Orleans was the birthplace, therefore conceived to be the capitol of jazz. .
             Jazz, like most historical eras, did not begin on one specific date. It developed gradually through time to what it was at the turn of the century, and to what it is today. We do know that it started developing between the years of 1895 and 1917. Minstrel music, the blues, the introduction of new instruments, marching and brass bands, and ragtime music all were contributing factors to the development of jazz. Throughout the turn of the century, jazz has influenced our culture and greatly evolved into one of the greatest forms of music.

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