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Concert Critique

             The concert I choose to attend was the Palatine High School's Winter Solstice concert. It featured the Concert Band, Symphonic Band, and Jazz ensemble.
             The concert band's first song Sovereign Variants by James Curnow starts of very lively and staccato with the melody being played by the upper woodwinds. The melody then switches to the low brass and they play it very legato almost slurred. It is then passed through different sections in the band each time played quicker. This piece was well played and I enjoyed listening to it. .
             The second piece was King Arthur Suite composed by Henry Purcell. The first movement "Jig" starts off with a royal fanfare with the trumpets playing the melody very accented, marcatto and fortissimo. The second movement "Air" is played allegro and legato with the upper woodwinds playing the main melody at a pleasant mezzo forte. "Dance" is the final movement of this piece. It was played marcatto, allegro and at a triple forte. .
             Glorious Things of Thee by James D. Ployhar was the band's third song. Upper wind instruments played a very soft and legato melody. The song is played moderato and reminds me of a very long back choral. This church hymn was played very nicely and the high notes were in tune.
             The Spirit of Our Land written by Frank Bencriscutto was the Concert band's fourth song. The trumpets play the main melody very legato largo and at a forte. The piece continues with the main melody switching between sections each time a new variation introduced. The song seemed to imply that the actual spirit of our land is dull and uneventful because of the repetition and that it seemed to drag on. .
             The concert band's last piece is entitled Ritual for Band by Vaclav Nelhybel. This sinister sounding song starts off with the percussion playing instruments that depict an image of native Americans beating drums around a fire. The rest of the band comes in playing mezzo piano and allegro.

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