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What Makes Up a Person

            When considering ones response to such a question you need to sit down and assess your ideals and all those goals that you hope to ascertain in ones lifetime. Once the assessment portion was complete, I was able to derive at central focus. Hypothesis #1 would have to be the best depiction of the way that my eyes can interpret the tangible while my mind can also try to process the unexplainable. .
             A person wakes up in the morning, gets dressed and hops into the economy car or the not so economic SUV and heads of to work. While at work they make hundreds of decisions that have tremendous impact on those around them, and upon completion of the workday they jump into their rides of pleasure and head back to the suburbia they call home. The idea is that most human beings are trying to work the "nine to five" while fitting in family and just a little bit of relaxation time for oneself. It is this goal/routine that most people travel trough in our culture. Most human beings are trying to make things better for themselves and for their offspring as well as for others around them. Society is often reasonable when it comes to the rights of others, but this part also has a very complex side to it. Everyone in our culture is given the opportunity to choose something as simple as whether or not to have Life Cereal or Cheerios in the morning as opposed to a decision with vast implications whether they are foreseeable or unforeseeable such as the decision to invade Iraq. Ultimately they fall under the basic principal that a human being has the right to choose. Often times things are not always thought out to the full extent that would promote the best outcome, but we are only human and we are not perfect in our choices. Sometimes people get hurt and more often than not our choices can lead to failure. But in our society we are able to rise up from those failures and move on with an idea that we can correct problems and ultimately make the society stronger.

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