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Analysis of an Advertisement

            " That has been there motto for many years, that is why I was not surprised to see and advertisement like this. There is a giant hand that covers half the page. It is not just any hand. This hand looks rough. It has tape on the figures, and in the background, out of focus, you can see what appears to be a football player. The caption reads, "These hands know the key to a great drive is good protection. Our hands help protect your drive at a great price. Seven out of ten people saved an average of $200 a year when they switched to Allstate." This clever ad implies that with the strength and determination of a football team, the Allstate team will do there best to protect you with quality insurance.
             The logos in this advertisement is a football team cannot score without certain players to protect the ball carrier. This ad is conveying that a football is directly related to a person who cannot have security with out insurance. The way they convey this is in an analogy. Comparing having insurance to being blocked for during a football game is quite clever. It makes one think of the relationship of these two seemingly unrelated topics.
             I found this advertisement in an ESPN magazine, so the targeted audience would have to be sports fans. The football analogy works very well for this audience. The giant hand draws the eye to the ad, makes one wonder what the ad could be about. Which then causes you to read it. This ad is about lowering your car insurance, which every guy would want to do because most guys are cheap. This ad could not be better placed for a guy who is a sports fan, and would love to save money.
             Ethos is also conveyed in this advertisement. Ethos is the credibility the author conveys in their writing. In this ad, ethos is established through the picture of the football player. Every football fan knows that without protection of the quarterback, the whole football game would fall apart.

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