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Analysis on Ulyses

            Alfred Lord Tennyson was one of the most representative poets of the Victorian era in England at the time. He began his writing during the period where the ideals of science challenged the ideas of Religion, which was furtherly spurred and challenged due to the Industrial Revolution occurring during that epoch. I have chosen to discuss the poem called "Ulysses- by the poet Alfred Lord Tennyson where I will be discussing the ways in which the poem "Ulysses- addresses preoccupations of the Victorian period. Through my analysis of the poem, I hope to acquire a well grounded and thorough understanding of the poem in-turn being able to understand how the Victorian period dominated and engrossed the mind of Alfred Lord Tennyson in such a way that he was inspired to write such original verse. .
             Due to the Victorian era having such a large influence on Tennyson's writings, it can be identified through reading the poem "Ulysses- that there are certain ideas and beliefs found at the time being portrayed or forced through to the reader of the poem. Victorians were largely preoccupied with how an individual can relate to society and ultimately how that individual functions in society as a whole. This ideal is played upon in the poem in such a way, that the character Ulysses is seen as exposing the feelings felt by the people in the Victorian societies of the time, during which the Industrial Revolution was directly exploiting labour and causing many labour riots and mass frustrations to occur.
             The sense of frustration rising in the hearts of the revolution workers is revealed to us through Ulysses, as we identify that Ulysses is feeling a sense of lassitude which gives rise to the ideas of oppressive tiredness versus action. In the poem, Ulysses is faced with a split in the road, in the sense that he either has to come to terms with his oppressive tiredness due to his old age or fight against time and strive to remain young and full of life.

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