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Westside Story

             The Westside Story is a love story that translates Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. This musical classic is masterpiece whose soundtrack and theatricals have become a favorite in many video libraries. The story portrays the conflict between two rival gangs fighting for their turf in the New York streets. A young man falls in love with the sister of the rival gang leader. The drama carries into deadly feud which leads to the deaths of the gang leaders. As tension is extremely high the lover's want to escape the suffocating madness. A twist of fate comes arises when Tony is struck with the reality of Maria's death. He madly storms the streets looking for her murderer. To his surprise he finds Maria and they go to embrace one another when he is shot by the rival.
             The Westside Story begins with a ballet that tells a story of how small gang fights between the Jets (Americans) and the Sharks (Puerto Ricans) over a piece of territory on the neighborhood block which escalate to full fledge brawl. The ballet displays intense emotion in a artistic way. Officer Krumpke breaks up the brawl as he symbolizes authority and jurisdiction over the territory. The conflict carries over to the dance that is held later that evening where the Jets and the Sharks battle out their frustration in a high energy mambo competition. During the competition Tony (Jets) and Maria's eyes meet and the music stops, the background fades, while the lights dim and colorful stars illuminate in the background. This portrays an instance of love at first site while displaying a romantic connection between the two. The lights come on as Maria's brother Fernando (Sharks) breaks up the couple, making it clear to his sister that dating a Jet wasn't going to be accepted. The lights come on revealing the catastrophic conflict with the connection between these rival lovers. .
             Tony meets with Maria on the fire escape of her run down New York apartment where they sing a duet about how them being together that night is all that matters.

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