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Sears Tower

             The Petrona Towers in Malaysia may hold the world's tallest building title, but the Sears Tower is the tallest building in North America. . (BENNET p.40) The functions of skyscrapers are usually for commercial use. The Sears Tower is a fine example of it, not only for being the headquarters for Sears & Roebuck Company but also for its observation deck for the people of Chicago and the tourist that come to see the city of tall buildings. The skyscraper has always been associated with wealth and power. To the public, big is good, in terms of buildings, the taller the better. People have been fascinated with skyscrapers ever since the birth of the skyscraper in 1885. It was a ten-story high steel frame structure designed by William Le Baron Jenney in 1885; it was named the "Home Insurance Building." The Reliance Building in Chicago was built in 1895, it was fifteen stories high, and it used a semi rigid steel frame. The rigid steel frame was held together with steel beams and connected by rivets. (BENNET p.44) Over the years steel and concrete productions and new technologie reach a higher level, architects use these new materials to reach a greater height in the designs of skyscrapers. The Sears Tower is studied by architects and engineers for it is extraordinary architectural design.
             The Sears Tower became the tallest building in the world in May of 1973, in Chicago, Illinois when the final beam was positioned and bolted in place. It was an exhilarating day for every person who had a love of skyscrapers. The Sears Tower surpassed the previous record holder, the World Trade Center in Manhattan that was done in 1972 and before that the Empire State Building held the record since 1931. The Sears Tower was built for Sears Roebuck & Company the world's largest retail store. Sears was growing at an enormous rate and needed more office space for the company's growing popularity.

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