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An Mexican Story

             Its mid summer and 3 best friends are working at the local Fast food restaurant.
             Suddenly they hear the other employees scream "La Mriga! ".
             Desperately Jose, Juan, and Javier hides in the freezer, but faith was against them.
             They were freezing, and almost unconscious when they were caught by the immigration department.
             They were asked for documents, but their only response was "no English.".
             Jose had managed to grab all the money in the register before being sent to the departing bus, while Juan was crying like a baby, and Javier was surprisely very happy about being caught, he knew soon he would be back to the love of his life Maria, back in Mexico City.
             The 3 friends had been living the south Florida for 3 years, and now they had just won a free trip to Mexico!.
             They were all sitting inside an old school bus, on their way back home, they knew it was going to be a long trip.
             Days went by, and the smell week old tacos filled the bus. The 3 friends were very bored and listening to the new Ricky Martin CD was their only form of entertainment.
             The first rest stop was in San Antonio, TX. The 3 friends showered for the first time in 3 weeks, and they knew there was many days left before they would cross the border of Mexico. Jose, who had the most money bought 30 chicken gorditas, while Juan and Javier were starving and since their last meal was a couple of dry tacos 3 days ago, but still Jose wouldn't share.
             Still in San Antonio, they met up with these 3 girls from Texas, Jose invited them to the bus. Javier the married of the three left the bus, and Juan and Jose decided to have some fun. .
             3 weeks later, they finally arrive in Mexico City. Javier was very excited to finally see Maria, so that is the first thing he did, as he approached his modest home in downtown Mexico City, he saw Maria, but there was something different about her, and behind her he saw 3 little chicos, and he realized she wasn't the same lady he married 3 years ago, she became a 300 pound mama! But Maria explained that those 3 kids was his, so Javier was very happy to be a father.

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