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Comparing Hamlet and 'night, Mother

            In the genre of drama, many playwrights tend to use similar themes. Even when comparing two plays which normally would not be classified together, it progably will not be too difficult to find a similar element. Even with a contemporary play and a classic Shakespears tragedy, similarities can be found. As a perfect example of this, Shakespeare's Hamlet and Marsha Norman's 'night,Mother contain anumber of elements that bring up comparisons. One of those elements is the ralationship between parents and children.
             In Hamlet, the main character, Hamlet, finds out from the ghost of his father that his uncle killed him so he could marry Hamlet's mother. Hamlet had been close to his father, and to avenge him, he must kill his uncle. In the middle of the play, Hamlet realizes that he must inform his mother of the truth about how her husbanc had died. Hamlet has a difficult time doing this, since he is very close to his mother. In fact, aome analysta of the play have noticed an Oedipus syndrome in Hamlet. This shows a good, albeit slightly odd, relationship between parent and child.
             In 'night, Mother, the main character, Jessie Cates, lives with her mother, Thelma Cates, affectionat4ely referred to as "Mama". Jessise is very depressed over her life, and wants to commit suicide. In the beginning of the play, it seems like Jessie isn't happy living with her mother. When she gets the gun out and says thatshe is going to kill herself, it is assumed that she is unlappy living with her mother and doesn't get along very well with her. In actuality, however, Jewsie cares very much about her mother, In fact. that is the reason that, rather than just leave a note, Jessica shoce to spend the night with Mama befoer killing herself. Jessie wants her mother to be happy and not feel guilty for what Jessie did. She sends our mixed signals, thoug, but in reality, she loves her mother very much.

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