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             The story of Eveline is a story about a girl trying to escape her life. When her mother dies Eveline makes a vow to her that she will take care of the family. Her new life consists of caring for her siblings and the household. The problem is that her father is abusive and doesn"t want her to leave. If Eveline had been born a male instead of female, she might have escaped her unhappy home life, as her brother did. .
             In the time period of the story it was not uncommon for the male children of the family to leave and for the women to stay if something has happened to the parents. In Evelines case when her mom passed away she took it upon herself to take all of the motherly responsibility. Although Eveline had chances to leave, that vow to her mother just kept her in the abusive situation. She would like to run away from her abusive father and strike out on her own just as her brother did.
             If Eveline had been born a male she would not have had to worry about taking care of the family because that was not the males responsibility. If she had been born a male she could have just left instead of been stuck with her abusive father. She wouldn"t have needed Frank to come along and try and save her, she could have just left as her brothers did. Like her brothers she was afraid to leave and could not get enough courage to pack her things and go with Frank. The time in the abusive relationship with her father had left her emotionally unstable and she is to Afraid to leave. .
             Her brothers had it easier than Eveline being males and maybe that's why they could get enough courage to leave. "Her eyes gave him no sign of love or farewell or recognition"(pg6). This quote tells you know how scared she is to leave and she knows she probably never well. When her brothers" left they probably never looked back and for them being males in that time they had no reason to because they knew that they could find work and start their own family's.

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