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Our 911 Response

            There are no easy answers for America's current unrest, only questions.
             I believed at first, as do many people, that perhaps we were attacked because of our policies in the Middle East. I no longer believe that. As Netanyahou said a few days ago, America is not being attacked because of its friendship with Israel. Israel has been attacked for years because of their friendship with America.
             I believe that America is the target for the same reason that Microsoft is a target.
             As the most recent trial covered in detail, the browser essentially came down to Microsoft versus Netscape. In the end, Microsoft won. In the end, Microsoft has the better browser, by far. But some people still support Netscape, and many people still despise Microsoft. Why? Given all of the evidence that Netscape Communications acted just as boorishly as Micrsoft, why did so many people support Netscape over Microsoft? If both were guilty of the same sins, why did so many people work to support evil Netscape and ignore their mistreatment of consumers?.
             I believe that even thought both companies engaged in the same rotten behavior, people supported Netscape because Microsoft was and is the #1 target in the industry.
             Think about it. Many other companies commit the same sort of despicable acts that Microsoft does, but they simply aren't big enough to be worth worrying about. If you can stop the biggest offender, the others will mostly fall into line to avoid the same sort of treatment. The Department of Justice decided to make an example of Microsoft, and many of us supported them because Microsoft is the 900-pound gorilla of the industry.
             Prime Target.
             America represents everything that our enemy hates, and we are quite simply the biggest target there is. The Taliban isn't very happy with a long list of countries around the world for a lot of different reasons, but America is the 900-pound gorilla of the world, and if they could beat us, they could beat anybody else.

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