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            I have always been a sucker for a lost cause; the more hopeless the better. I have always been one to stand up for myself when I think I have been wronged in some way or another. And sometimes my mouth overloads my, er, well, you get the idea.
             My rather nasty habits have gotten me into trouble more than once. My parents knew way back in high school that I was a handful when I was kicked out of religion class because I "dared" to argue with the crotchety old nun about the righteous opinions of the Catholic church on the importance of morality. I can still hear my father's voice hissing in my ear, "HOW could you?" as we walked down the dark hallway from the principle's office.
             I soon learned that there were other ways to be heard without being looked down upon like I was a complete raving loon. I took up the art form of letter writing. I learned that with a few choice and well thought out words, you can usually get the point across without the need of a lawyer. I have always loved a good challenge.
             A while back, I got involved in a debate message board. The host would put up a weekly topic for us to hash out among ourselves. Sometimes it would get rather brutal, but all and all it was a great deal of fun. Well, that is until the topic of prayer came up.
             I was utterly amazed by the response. People who had always argued in rational thought patterns suddenly became wannabe fire and brimstone preachers. Tolerance for other opinions broke down rather quickly and became a childish game of "my religion is better than yours." I was really glad it was an online debate, because if were held in real time, I am sure 911 would have been called to clean up the mess.
             As I watched this savage beating of opinions, I noticed that everyone was quoting the Bible. Every phrase began or ended with "God." I couldn't stand this one sided religious debate any longer, so I put my two cents in, reminding everyone that Christianity was NOT the only religious belief in the free world.

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