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Biblical Essay

             Within the Bible, God's covenant with the Hebrew people is to obey His rules and worship God, if they do so God will protect the Hebrew people. God's covenant or agreement test God's people to see if they are true to Him. In the book of Moses and Job, both men are tested by God to see if they are devoted to the wishes of His covenant.
             Moses journey starts in a basket floating down the Nile River and into the Egyptian palace waterway. At that very moment the pharaoh's daughter sees the young child and commands her servant to draw the baby from the water. Time passes and Moses grows to become a young prince. While out strolling he spots an Egyptian master whipping a Hebrew slave. His actions kill the Egyptian master leading Moses to bury the man. The pharaoh uncovers the man, the truth, and the killer, Moses. Moses conviction of murder leads him to be banished out of Egypt. God sees that Moses protects the Hebrew slave and looks upon Moses to lead his people to the "Promised Land". God's covenant with Moses is "if you lead my people to the "Promised Land", I will make you a great leader, as long as my people worship me and obey me." Moses fulfills his end of the covenant and God does the same by leading Moses to the "Promised Land". God also meets His end of the agreement by giving him the right deliver the Ten Commandments, and allowing him to see where God's people would end their journey of suffering.
             Job being a good man, who serves the Lord, prays to God every day, with an offering upon God's alter for himself and his family. Job's covenant between God and himself informs Job to obey God by worshiping him and offering up sacrifices. At this time God stands before all of his angels and looks upon Satan standing in the crowd. God asks him why he has come and Satan responds that he looking at God's people. God speaks to Satan and asks him if he has seen Job, His most looked upon servant? Satan and God make a wager, that Satan can cause Job turn from God.

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