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            Shelley presented the immense potential of humans for evil through the creation of a "monster" by Frankenstein for his own satisfaction in his quest for knowledge of eternal life and in fulfilling his lofty ambition that overreached his limitation. Frankenstein pursued knowledge that was beyond the realm of human's understanding and power by usurping the role of god to create life through unnatural means from corpses. This brought disaster to mankind as Frankenstein reversed the natural process. A deformed, gigantic monster was created as a result. He was not aware of this dire and irrevocably consequences because he was too enthusiastic of his glory dream that he has lost his rational thinking and forgotten his bond to nature. Even though it can be argued that the research of eternal life was for the benefit of mankind, however, Frankenstein's selfishness was so obvious that he cannot deny he did the research alone so that all credits and glory went to him completely. In other words, glory shrouded him from sharing his knowledge and working with others. He isolated himself from the society that otherwise complementary was good for giving suggestion and preventing him from going the wrong path. The deformed appearance of monster proved Frankenstein's mistake. His eagerness of his ambition attributed for superficial attention paid for its appearance and the attitude of not bothering to consider whether this creature would want to exist. This brought suffering to the monster because of rejection by humanity, such as he was hit by villagers. The suffering was augmented by the fatigue, hunger and "oppressive sense of injustice"; he saved a girl yet he was shot in return for that. This caused the monster to grow malice that he "declared everlasting war" against humanity. Therefore, Frankenstein was conveyed by Shelley so evil that his selfishness obstructed him from being considerate for others and thinking of what will happened to the monster, how it would look like, and the consequences of his action to the society.

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