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             During Mary Shelley's novel, Frankenstein, Victor Frankenstein's creature goes through many metamorphoses in his character. Theses changes can be split into three parts, infancy, childhood, and adulthood. The creature was abandoned for fend for him-self and learn on his own without guidance.
             The creature, just after creation, is considered to be an infant. For example, his creator, Victor Frankenstein, runs away in fear and abandons his "child". An infant needs somebody to show love to it when it is first born. Frankenstein showed the exact opposite of love when he runs away. In addition, the creature is alone in the world. He has no friends to show kindness to or receive it from. He also has no way of knowing how to react towards others. Furthermore, the creature has no guidance in his life. Frankenstein ran away so he could not teach him between good and evil. He is left to his own devices to learn between right and wrong. Victor Frankenstein shows hate to the creature for no reason and the creature is left to educate him-self alone in the world.
             The creature is alone teaching himself the basics of life. For example, the creature set up his hovel at the De Lacey residents. Here he learned many important things of life. He experiences love and joy that has been missing in his live. In addition, he takes note on how normal humans live and becomes angry when he compares it to himself and his living conditions. He curses his creator because he was left on his own with no guidance and love. In addition, the creature realizes that he has not been living the life he should be. He goes into a very emotional state. The creature despises the human race because he knows he has been separated from society. He has matured and has a new look on life and wants to seek revenge for the misfortunes that his creator has brought upon him.
             Lastly, the creature has built up his ways and is around adulthood.

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