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             Wow! Robert Walton did not know the power of companionship and how easily it ca be destroyed. "I desire the company of a man who could sympathize with me" (Shelly 53). As Walton and Frankenstein are awkwardly introduced did Frankenstein need the sympathy of a companion more than Walton could imagine. This is a feeling that has continued to plague man for centuries. Men and women think that they are the only individuals that are in turmoil until they walk a mile in another man's shoes. .
             Never in a million years would I have imagined the path of Frankenstein's journey. I have never read the many tales of Frankenstein or cared to engross myself in the crude movie version of the monster. As we evolve into the new technical age we, as humans still desire the same things today as we did then. In reading this book it takes me to a current day publication of "Cover Girls" by Bishop T.D.Jakes. In his book 3 women have similar desires to find total life prosperity. Women, as well as men, realize that manufactured happiness can never replace spiritual happiness. We struggle to create what we think will gratify us. However, we take for granted the basics that we are provided everyday. .
             Companionship is the one thing that has been abused repeatedly over the years. Friendships are jeopardized for money, lust and just plain greed. Frankenstein jeopardized and lost family and friends to fulfill his desire for fame. Again, we are taught the lesson that the grass is not always greener on the other side. Despite the wisdom that is invoked to us by our elders, youth continues to know all, until reality teaches us a lesson. .
             Walton may not bask in the ignorance of youth, however, due to his compassion and adoration for his companionship of Frankenstein. Youth may tend to listen to a complete stranger, peers, over family, such as a father or mother. Many of life lessons are hard learned but we learn a lot of the tougher lessons through our friendships we form.

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