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James Madison

            In James Madison's "Federalist number 10", he gives his views on how a new government should be put. Madison was a strong Federalist and he believed in the Constitution. I think that the point that Madison wanted to get across by writing this was to explain to the people how the new constitution will be and also to help get it ratified. .
             In his "Federalist number 10" he states a problem with fractions. According to Madison, fractions are when people protect and promote their interests and opinions. A big source to these so-called fractions was the various and unequal distribution of land, but mainly the nature of man plays a role in the cause of fractions. There is not really any way to completely solve the problem and make it perfect, but there is a way to help the problem, and Madison seeing that and acts upon it. Madison is wise for confronting this issue because it applied to every one and caused conflict between people. .
             Madison had the right idea with the changes he wanted to make. It is good for the people to be involved in their government because the people are what make up the United States. Madison believed that people should have some say in what happens in the government. The best solution and way of dealing with this problem is by going with the majority of what the people want. And this is how it ended up. .
             However, Mercy Otis Warren, an Anti-federalist, had a little bit of a different view on the matters of the constitution. She wrote "Observations of the New Constitution." She wanted the best for the United States. She and James Madison had some same views and those were that they both wanted and looked for the best interest of the country. Other than that Warren did not agree with constitution. .
             Some of her objections are as followed: She disapproved because a senate is chosen for six years and can be the appointment for life. The election a senator is chosen by the state assembly, in which people have little participation.

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