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James Madison

             James Madison was the fourth President of the United States of America. He served in the office of President from the years of 1809 to the year 1817. As put by his predecessor John Adams, "Despite a thousand faults and blunders, his administration has acquired more glory and established more union than all three of his predecessors." .
             James Madison was the first United States Executive to serve actively in the field under gunfire as Commander- in- chief of the United States armed forces. He went personally to the battlefield at Bladensburg, Maryland on August 24th 1814, in an effort to stop the British assault on Washington D.C. While he had never previously served in the military, he directed the fire of Commodore Joshua Barney's navel battery, one of the units who put up effective resistance. However, two militia regiments broke and ran under fire. In the end the British captured Washington.
             James Madison has been called the father of the constitution. He was the person who planned our system of checks and balances that regulate the executive; legislative; and judicial branches, which is still in effect today.
             During Madison's presidency and the war of 1812 the United States got a healthy start at becoming an industrial nation. Industries were encouraged to expand due to the lack of imported goods during this time. With congresses support, he strengthened the United States Military and enacted a protective tariff.
             James Madison's presidency lead to two states being added to the union. It also led to the Missouri territory and the Alabama territory being organized.
             Although, James Madison's presidency was successful it also had some problems or as John Adams said "A thousand Faults and Blunders." While Madison kept the United States out of the Napolionic wars he did have the misfortune to lead the country into the war of 1812. He had tried to keep peace through diplomacy but his efforts had failed.

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