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Significant Things African Americans did to Challenge...

            Significant things African Americans Did to Challenge White Supremacy.
             The key to Blacks overcoming White Supremacy was to learn more about themselves and "unlearn" more about what was implanted and emphasized to Black people as a whole. History is what you make it. What is the truth? What are facts? What significance do facts or this so-called truth about our history have on the future of Black America? I can answer that clearly saying that facts are what everyone comes to an agreement upon. If we accept what was taught and not open our eyes to what is there, the future will never turn, causing the Black race to spin tires for another 4 generations.
             Blacks began to educate themselves about the history of their ancestors. Blacks began to work with one another to establish a small community that could multiply into a well known and respected race of people. Not color of people. Through miseducation and social enlightening Blacks begin to express the power of their people by what African history has shown within the "real" culture. Blacks began to understand that Black history did not begin in slavery, but in the colorful lands and pride of the African culture, thus bearing the name African-American history.
             African Americans studied the laws and history of America to practice and regurgitate the truth of their people. They used the government's own laws against itself practicing their rights as Americans not African-Americans; at the same time not holding back their true colors. Marches and protest were common. They complimented on religious revivals with emphasis on the oppression of African Americans. So, at the same time they could use their freedom of religion, but teach the history of African ancestry too. They did not seek answers as to why things were the way they were, they sought out solutions on how to get out of the situation they were in.
             Black businesses were formed; small communities were established to keep the "black money" among the blacks enabling social growth among a deceptively supreme group of people.

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