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Karl Marx-Proven Wrong

            Karl Marx, a German philosopher, once predicted that a revolution would arise among the working class. The misery of the proletariats would set off a world revolution. The proletariats would triumph over the bourgeoisie and set up a new classless communist society. This "scientific socialism" theory that he formed was claimed to be based on a scientific study of history. Unfortunately, many of the assumptions on which he based his theories were wrong. The standard of living of the working class improved. Political, social, and economical conditions for the working class became better. With the improvements came a lost of appeal for a world revolution in industrially developed western countries. .
             People are often more satisfied when they have a say in the government and how it is run. By the late 1800s, all men in most western countries had been granted the vote. With a voice in the government now, the working class could push for more reforms to make their lives even better. In 1900, a new political party formed, becoming the Labour party. Supported by socialists and union members, it grew in power and membership. This party soon became one of the major political parties in Great Britain, representing the working class in Parliament. The working class now had better representation in the government and could expect necessary reforms to be made in order to obtain a better lifestyle.
             As industrialization continued, workers began to protest the harsh conditions of industrial life. Low wages, long hours, unsafe conditions, and the constant threat of unemployment were being protested. At first strikes and unions were illegal, and worker demonstrations were crushed. The harsh conditions workers had to suffer through could indeed have been enough to spark a revolution if the workers had not begun to make progress. Mutual-aid societies were formed to help sick and injured workers. Wages varied among the workers, but they generally increased depending on the occupation.

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