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Dancing with Feel

             Like the sounds of a factory, the Fandango was commissioned to write in 1928. The movements and gestures of the dance were harmonious and graceful.
             The Fandango was choreographed by Lar Lubovitch in junction with one of the 20th centuries greatest composers Maurice Ravel who's piece of music "Bolero" was smooth and elegant in the dance. The dancers that star in the Fandango are Nia Babalis and Sylvain Fortune.
             The dance itself includes unlimited movement and uses space to fuse the audience to where they move and keeps the attention of the audience on their heels. Fandango is not so much a timely dance, because it is not more than an hour. It uses time effectively in ways of movement and the pace of their movements that most people would most likely have trouble doing in that amount of time. Their energy is unreal. The strength they use for the movements they do takes energy and the whole dance is energetic and is something great to watch. The movement is graceful and to a point of perfection. The way Nia and Sylvain use their limbs to express their moves are amazing. It was an outstanding performance by both Nia and Sylvain along with Lar and the music of Maurice. Nia is hesitant on her eye contact towards Sylvain, but it does not affect any of her dance moves. Although it is graceful, there are aggressive sexual movements throughout the dance, which makes it more interesting. .
             This is an unusual way of dance for some people but it is normal for most people in the dancing industry. The Fandango was commissioned to write in 1928 so it has been around for a while. Lar wanted to choreograph an updated version on the dance and did so with his outstanding dancers Nia and Sylvain. With a choreographer like Lar it will be fascinating to see what he comes up with next.

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