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             Two drastically different performances can amazingly evoke similar emotions and reactions among the audience. The GMU Dance Company Fall Concert and The Drummers of West Africa were two significantly diverse performances, however, they were equally entertaining. Spiritual, cultural, and motivational differences created a distinction between the two concerts. Within the two performances, I focused on "Roots and Wings" of the Dance Company, and "Baifall" of The Drummers of West Africa. These specific routines provoked thought and imagination, hence providing stimulation within both concerts. .
             "Roots and Wings", choreographed by Heather Robertson was a modern dance piece that began with about ten dancers on the floor of the stage in complete darkness. The performers were making slow, but staccato, synchronized movements across the stage. Although the movements were synchronized, dancers were moving in all possible directions of the stage. As the performance continued, my eyes adjusted to the darkness and I was able to focus on the details of the dance routine. I noticed that the movements were centered on the ground; hence, the dancer's main actions involved crawling, leaping, and diving to the floor of the stage. The dancers were also acquiring the entire open space of the stage, moving diagonally, in straight lines, and in zigzags. At the beginning of the work I noticed that the dancers were moving together, however, as the routine continued, it appeared as if they were complementing each other's movements. For example, two dancers would execute similar movements, coming from the exact opposite stage directions. This provided an opportunity for the dancers to be recognized for their individual actions, instead of becoming just a blur in the background. Dark, disturbing music was used to evoke an ominous, mysterious mood. However the dancers wore white, perhaps to contrast with the gloomy demeanor of the piece.

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