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Concert Evaluation - Menara Moroccan Dance

            I went to see a belly dance performance in a restaurant called Menara Moroccan in the San Jose downtown. The Belly Dance was translated from Arabic meaning of "The Dance Of The Orient." And then, according to the information the term "Belly Dance" was first used by the French when they saw the undulations of the body, which also called "The Dance of The Stomach." However, in the ancient Middle East and Mediterranean, the belly dance was performed to help the woman during birthing. Basically, by undulating and rolling their bodies in natural, curvy snake-like movements to help them to delivered the baby in more easy way. It was not for the entertainment, but for childbirth. However, Slowly the belly dance became more of an entertainment related performance.
             When I first walk into the restaurant (Menara Moroccan), I felt an exotic atmosphere around the restaurant by lots of Morocco style's decorations. The inside is different than the other restaurant that I have been before; the seats are circular arranged with an open space in the middle. Even though there are some couches, but the tables are pretty low, seems they are designed for us to sit on the floor. Just few minutes after we were all settled down, the music started and the dancer came out from the other side of the diner. She was a White/Caucasian lady around 40 years old with long brown hair, wearing the professional costume for belly dance. The costume she's wearing was a gold dress, which included a fitted bra, a full-length skirt and a gold and red cloak that matches her costume. On the top bra there were decorated with some beads, crystals, and fringe. .
             She was dancing with the rhythm of the music, I'm not sure that a Moroccan song or not. The dancer shows the percussive movements, fluid movements, and the shivers and vibrations in her performance. The dance mostly has to use all parts of body from head to toe, and emphasized the movements on the articulations of the hips and shoulder.

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