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Salem Witch Trials

            From June through September of 1962 nineteen men and women were said to be witches and all were said to be hung. One more man of almost 80 years old was crushed to death under many pounds of stones for refusing to go to trial after being accused of witchcraft. Many people even stayed in jail for moths and never made it to trial before the so called witchcraft ended. .
             During all the hysteria of the Salem Witch Trials many people quit their jobs and would not come to work in fear of becoming a victim of one of the accused witches. The Salem village minister quit his job as soon as all the witchcraft started. So after a quick vote they wanted John Putnam who was a planter and merchant in Barbados to take over the job of the village minister. He moved to Salem with his wife Elizabeth, his 6-year old daughter and his slave. .
             When Mr. Putnam moved to Salem his family; the Putnam's, and the Porters (a very well known family in the village of Salem) begin competing for control of the Salem Village.
             All the hysteria happened during the winter of 1692 around February when a girl named Betty Paris became very sick. She complained about constant fever, pain and puking. Her parents noticed her to suddenly run around or dive under furniture. Before all this happened there was suspected witchcraft by an Irish women in Boston Massachusetts. Betty's behavior resembled the Irish women's almost to the point.
             Nobody in Salem really expected witchcraft just from betty however once some of Betty's friends started doing the same thing as Betty, people started expecting something a little more than just an illness. .
             Mary Sibley wanted to do a test. Back in those days people believed that witches and the devil used the dogs as a agent to is the command of the devil. Miss Sibley wanted Mr. Putnam's slave Tituba to make a cake and feed it to the dog to see how it reacted. As the time went on more people started to complain of witchcraft including, Ann Putnam the daughter of John Putnam.

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