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Capital Punishment

             Hundreds of murderers are put into jail and then let out several years later. They say they have learned their lesson, yet when they get out they commit more crimes, and end up back in jail. The only way to make sure these murderers don't commit more crimes is by capital punishment. As the Bible says, "an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. " If a person commits a capital offense(murder or anything of the sort), they should receive a capital punishment; therefore the state won't have to pay for the criminal's lifetime in jail, it provides the most complete retribution and condemnation, and crime rates will begin to drop.
             Not only should every state in America use the death penalty, but the penalty should also be used in a much quicker process. Following through with the punishments at a faster pace will cut down on the costs. Today, it costs approx. $34,400 per year plus $75,000 for trials and appeals to house a criminal with life in prison. This all adds up to about $3.01 million. The cost for a death penalty is $60,000 plus $1.5 million for trials and appeals. This all adds up to be $1.88 million , there is no question that the up front costs of the death penalty are significantly higher than the life in prison costs (www.prodeathpenalty.com). Yet, over time the costs for life in prison are much more expensive than the costs of the death penalty. If the government makes it so the criminal has less time to appeal their sentence, the $1.5 million used for appeals and trial will decrease. Plus, with DNA technology, today, we can be almost 100% sure that the offender did commit a capital crime, therefore they will a less reason for appeals. If the government is not 100% sure than they will not give them this sentence, mandating that they do not need to appeal. If the government continues to improve DNA testing and makes the time allowed for appeals shorter, if any, than it should save lives, time, and money.

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