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The Life Of Emily Bronte

            Emily Bronte who wrote under the pen name of Ellis Bell was born in Thornton, Yorkshire on July 30th 1818. Her father Rev. Patrick, who originated from Ireland married Emily's mother - Maria Branwell in 1818. Emily's father moved with the family to Haworth in 1820 to a position of chairman of the local parish. Their house was built local grey stone, two stories high which was positioned in the courtyard of the church. .
             Emily had 4 sisters and a brother. The most know sister's Anne and Charlotte and her brother Branwell. Both sisters mentioned became writers the same as Emily. Their pen names were Curer Bell and Acton Bell. Sadly their mother died in 1821 leaving them and their father.
             During their childhood the children made magical stories together. Emily and Anne worked together on The Gondal Saga and Branwell and charlotte created The Kingdom of Angria. .
             From 1824 to 1825 Emily attended school at Cowan Bridge but became homesick, moving back home to be educated.
             After Emily had finished her schooling she moved to stay with her Aunt Branwell at Roe Head in 1835. Not long after she moved, yet again she became homesick so she moved back home with her sisters. In 1837 Emily became governess at Law Hill - near Halifax, for 6 months.
             In 1842 Emily and Charlotte travelled to Brussels to learn foreign languages, to carry on their dream of a school for girls. The same year Emily returned home because of her Aunt Branwell's death. After the funeral of her Aunt she moved back to Haworth to live with her father.
             During her life, Emily had no real friends unlike her very popular sister, Charlotte. She made time go by, by drawing fantastic pictures of anything she could find. Charlotte was also a great drawer but did not have as much time on her hands as Emily, as her social life was quite busy.
             One of Emily's interests apart from the obvious - writing was mysticism.
             As Emily started to write "Wuthering Heights-, Charlotte began to write "Jayne Eyre-.

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