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Wuthering Heights

             Emily Bronte was born in 1818 at Thorton in Yorkshire. (Huiswerk, Scholieren) She was the fifth of the six children of Reverend Patrick Bronte. Together with her sister Anne, Emily created the fantasyland of Gondal which was part of a toy soldier game that they played with their siblings. Emily later wrote poems about Gondal from which the setting was similar to the setting of her hometown Haworth. In 1837 she became a governess at a girls" school at Law Hill. There she wrote some poetry. Emily and her sister Charlotte Bronte, studied in Brussels in 1842 because they wanted to start their own school. Their school however never opened. In 1846 Charlotte and Emily published poems, Currer, Ellis and Acton Bell. Wuthering Heights was published in December 1847. A year later, Emily died of consumption. Charlotte later wrote the 1850 edition of Wuthering Heights. (Huiswerk, Scholieren) .
             Wuthering Heights is considered a romantic novel in which love, revenge, death and the supernatural are the themes. This is where I found many debates and criticisms on whether this was more of a Victorian theme or a Gothic one, and more interesting was the debate on whether this was supernatural or fantasy.
             Emily's" father was a clergyman, a Reverend of English and Irish decent where.
             religion was strict and women were dedicated to raising their families. In another .
             piece written (A Brief Biography of the Bronte's) about the family and their father, it states that the Bronte's are probably the most admired literary personages in the English speaking world. Their father Reverend Patrick Bronte arrived in .
             the small town of Haworth, Yorkshire in 1820 with a very ill wife and six small children. He was the son of a "Bog Irish" peasant named Prunty and, against all .
             odds of class and lack of opportunity, struggled to educate himself. He adopted the name Bronte after the Duke of Bronte and eventually attended St.

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