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             Thesis: Alcoholism is a disease that is not only harmful to the alcoholic but can be harmful to the family of the alcoholic.
             I. Introduction.
             II. A few characteristic of an alcoholic.
             A. The alcoholic sneaks to drink.
             1. Drinks when the alcoholic's friends tell them not to drink.
             2. Drinks when the alcoholic's family tells them not to drink.
             B. The alcoholic can lose control.
             1. The alcoholic loses control of how much they drink.
             2. The alcoholic does not know what they are doing.
             C. An alcoholic carves to drink.
             1. To escape from trouble.
             2. To escape from worries.
             3. To build up self-confidence.
             III. Alcohol is harmful to the body.
             A. The alcoholic does not eat right.
             1. They have stomach problems.
             2. The alcoholic gets sick more.
             B. Alcohol causes problems to the liver.
             IV. Alcohol can cause problems for the family and friends.
             A. It can cause tension for the family.
             B. It lessens speed and skills.
             1. May cause the alcoholic to lose their job.
             2. May cause an accident.
             Carpenter ii .
             C. An alcoholic may drink and drive.
             V. Recovery for the alcoholic.
             A. The alcoholic and family need to admit that they have a drinking problem.
             B. There are many changes the alcoholic will go trough.
             C. The alcoholic needs a lot of support.
             VI. Conclusion.
             Alcoholism is a disease that is no only harmful to the alcoholic but can be harmful to the family of the alcoholic. Alcoholism is at least to a degree, a "cryptogenic" disease - a disease of which the basic roots or causes are hidden (Clinebell 37). Thus the alcoholic will need to get help from their families and friends through the alcoholic's recovery. Every alcoholic needs to hit bottom, the "at-the-depths-of-the-soul" profound experience of helplessness and loss of control before the alcoholic will ask for help (Brown and Lewis 184).
             To tell if someone is an alcoholic these are just a few characteristics that an alcoholic might show. The alcoholic sneaks drinks, loss of control, extravagant behavior, losing friends, and family disapproval (Clinebell 25).

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