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The Future of Chinese Cities

             Two weeks ago, I went back to my hometown Tianjin. After I got off the train, I caught on a bus. On the way to home, I found that the majority of the former one-story houses have disappeared. The billboards there said there will be several high buildings instead. Nowadays, not only in Tianjin, Beijing, but also in most cities even towns, this kind of phenomenon is happening everywhere. High buildings and mansions are springing up like mushrooms. People always say it is the result of modernization. .
             At present, industrialization is the crucial thing in our country according to our situation. In a certain period, industrialization, modernization and accompanying urbanization are remaining our tasks. During the course of our country's industrialization, city development is a key element. And modernization of city, which I called "urbanization", is the inevitable tendency for city development. What is modernization? There is no standard. And also does urbanization. How will the future cities look like? We may fin the answers in some scientific movies. Skyscrapers are crowed everywhere. There is no road and street because common car has been instead of certain kind of flying machine aero car. People's life has expanded into aerial space. The whole city is equipped with high technology, so on and so forth. However, the issue is this kind of movies is nearly western. They indicate westerners' conception of future city. And what about ours? First of all, we can have a look at the present development of Chinese cities.
             In China, cities, which are large and sardined by modern buildings, are considered as urbanization by lots of people. In most western developed countries, there are well-known modern cities. So some people advocate imitating their patterns because we are the beginner. No matter southern or northern, big or small the city is, people emphasis on the scale and follow or coy the western models.

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