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             In the United States there are people fighting against drugs. Marijuana, crack, cocaine, and many other drugs are becoming more popular by the years. As though these drugs are not enough, people are making as well as mixing new drugs everyday. Through this battle do you think there is anyway congress or the state would go about making one of any drugs legal? Do you think there is a chance for drugs to be used on the streets in front of the authorities without any punishments? If you answered yes you are right; there was a chance for marijuana to be legalized.
             The question of legalizing marijuana was asked in the state of Nevada. Question nine states that you can be in position of up to three ounces of marijuana without consequence. This would set the standards for the rest of the United States passing this law but it would not come easy. .
             The question seems as though it may have a shot at capturing the majority vote considering the amount of people that grew up in the 70's as well as the amount of people that smoke today. Thought this may seem obvious to many but there are many more people against question nine. These people ask what will legalizing this drug do; how will that it help society? They also point out the fact that this will make it more available to children and teens. Through these negative points came up the state had a counter statement to show the positive side of the situation.
             The congress stated that if they were to legalize this drug they could put a tax on it which would make thousands of dollars for the state. As far as how will it help society, if they were to legalize marijuana it will allow the authorities to concentrate on bigger problems in the communities of America. They say it will become more available to the today's youth; the only problem with that statement is that it is already available to the youth of America. These are all points that the government sought out to allow the legalization of marijuana.

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