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The City of Angels Los Angeles

            The City of Angels; to some, Los Angeles is the embodiment of the American dream- a sort of west coast "Statue of Liberty," with opportunity at every corner and in every doorway. The city of razzle-dazzle, movie stars, and Hollywood's walk of fame; for nearly a century Los Angeles has been perceived as the town of dreams. These are, of course, gross exaggerations, as is the perception that Los Angeles is the city of ceaseless riots and brutal racism. Naturally, as in every urban city, there is to an extent some truth in these myths, and because of Los Angeles" unprecedented size and diverse population it tends to be picked on more often than even New York. Los Angeles is an anomaly- there is no other city in the world that could ever begin to rival it. Because people often hate what they cannot explain, writers especially love to tear Los Angeles apart. A well written argument, however, will include an extensive examination of the topic from every side ( in Los Angeles there are many sides to examine) and form an argument that persuades without alienating. In his article "Travels into America's Future," though initially relying on the cliche of "Los Angeles as the embodiment of the American dream" to catch the readers" attentions, writer Robert D. Kaplan ultimately makes a convincing argument towards a positive perception of Los Angeles by examining the issues from many points of view, putting his topic in context through the use of comparisons, and by arguing subtly, so as to make the reader forget he is being persuaded. To fully understand the common fallacies associated with Los Angeles and its surrounding areas, one must first understand the diversity and complexity of its people and culture. On first approach, Los Angeles appears to be a utopia, with "sandstone cliffs, a peacock-blue ocean, and and an endless bar of cream colored sand. it often appears too beautiful to be real" (Kaplan 37).

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