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Violence in Music

             Obviously, it's always been a major challenge for anyone to find a direct link between the lyrics of any song and virtually anyone's behavior, whether good or bad. But a study by the National Coalition on Television Violence of 160 hours of MTV music videos concluded that viewers are exposed to an average of 18 instances of violence per hour. More than half of all music videos contained some violent act or crime. Rock music videos came under fire as early as 1984 when the NCTV declared that the sex and violence in music videos makes them unwholesome for young viewers the American Academy of Pediatrics reaffirmed this in 1988. When the issue of music as a contributing factor to the Littleton Tragedy was raised, a concert that was slated for the following week at red rocks amphitheatre in the foothills overlooking Denver for rock star Marilyn Manson was canceled. Sales of a Denver concert by the German band Rammstein in June 1999 was postponed indefinitely. Both artists were allegedly tops on the list of those the two young killers listened to. Another point raised is that references to the song "12- by the group Insane Clown Posse were also made in a letter attributed to Eric Harris. The music of Marilyn Manson is believed partly responsible for the December 12, 1996 suicide death of Richard Kuntz a Burlington, North Dakota teenager who was listening to Manson's "The Reflecting God- at the time of his death, a song his friends say he was always playing whenever they came over to visit. Found by his bedside was an unfinished copy of a 10th grade term paper on "Marilyn Manson."".
             Ms. Hilary Rosen, President and CEO of the Recording Industry Association of America confides that "The most controversial lyrics in popular music reflect the violence and despair in an artists imagination or in society but they reflect it "they don't create it."" Elsewhere in a response to a charge by Senators Orrin Hatch and Joseph Liebermann that they have clear evidence that shock rock and other forms of music are created for and marketed to a teen audience despite rating systems that are supposed to discourage sales to minors, Ms.

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